I’m Jaci Coningham (a.k.a. JC), a Brazilian graphic designer and art director who loves colors, typography, and rollercoasters.

Discover some of my favorite projects below, learn more about me, see what else I’ve done or just contact me.


Setter of trends, follower of none.

Well, that’s a lot of yellow.

This print series for Schweppes takes the brand back to simpler times.

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Desert Dukes

Swamp free boxer shorts.

Men sweat. Men get swamp crotch.

From product creation to a radio spot. The Duke saves!

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Alpha Instinct

Raw dog food from Colombia.

A case study video for a dog food branding project. It’s super cute.

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Recycle Score

It’s like getting paid for aluminum cans. But better.

If you don’t care about polar bears, maybe you’ll care for your pocket — although, truth be told, if the planet declines so do you.

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Resistant to cats.

Let’s face it: cats are cute, but they have an urge to knock everything down. Luckily, LG is resistant to them.

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