Desert Dukes

How can we create a wearable solution to cure swamp crotch on the go?

Find a problem and create a product to solve it. (Seriously, this was it.)

Three guys and a gal begin to brainstorm. We talked about some of the biggest issues society faces and elaborated on the annoyance of not having a decent way to dispose of boogers. Then the nuts took a hit and we ended up spending nine weeks talking about balls during a class.

Balls are an afterthought. If they were on a sinking ship, they would be left behind to drown.

Male souls living in hot humid areas who are crazy enough to move their bodies, specially in their thirties.

Jaci Coningham – AD | Julio Fericelli – AD | Kaushik Reddy – AD | Paul DeMontpellier – CW
Miami Ad School

Local Silver ADDY (Miami)

The product

Part 1: Boxer shorts

Fashioned from the finest of filaments, Desert Dukes deprives swamp crotch the moisture it needs to thrive, creating a barren land of arid winds an triumphant trouser twins.

Are you a man’s man? The kinda guy who wouldn’t go to a club unless he’s working the door? The kinda guy who lets time turn his favorite pair of jeans into his favorite pair of shorts? The kinda guy who’s got a Master’s degree in psychology and isn’t afraid to admit when his boys need help? If you answered yes to at least three, then The Dalton is for you.

Are you a modern man of the business variety? Do you go to high powered meetings, drink lots of coffee and say words like buy and sell all day? Do the phrases “ballin” and “makin it rain” cause you worry and despair? If you answered yes, then let me introduce you to the The Draper.

Part 2: Landing pad

The Landing Pad is a disposable insert that keeps your nuts in a state of arid comfort throughout the day. It’s also biodegradable – The Duke Conserves.

  1. Magical layer of comfort and healing.
  2. Absorption layer.
  3. Perspiration containment layer.

The Landing Pad inserts and becomes one with your Desert Dukes, together they reach enlightenment.

Part 3: The musks

Your boys need to be ready for action at all times. Forget the coconut infused lavender mist, these gems come in the battle tested musks of Sacalachia.

Discretely take a spare landing pad with you on the go… wink.


The Dukes saves… your day!

In the morning, coffee is distributed to those creatures in need of a wake up fix on the streets. At the end of the day, the Duke moves into bars taking its own happy hour booze to distressed workers.

Each cup and bottle has one piece of the origin story.


There can be many reasons to be sad, but none of them should be filled with your nuts.

Subway B.D./ Park Bench B.D.: “Herein lies a place where the nuts once suffered. Never again. The Duke saves.”

Feel good

The Duke saves through its unconditional support of NGOs dedicated to testicular cancer prevention and treatment. Every sale results in a donation.