Recycle Score

How can we push Americans into recycling more?

Find a way to get Americans to recycle more.

A couple of international students who constantly discuss some of the insane habits they’ve encountered in the US start talking about credit scores.

Recycling is a life long commitment that does not yield immediate results by nature.

House owners/renters with a developing sense of sustainability and/or a knack for money saving solutions.

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The product

A recycle score is a three-digit number calculated from your rubbish report and is one factor used by all retail stores to determine your discount worthiness for a purchase, tax refund or retail credit card. Your score can affect whether or not you are approved as well as what discount rate you are charged.

How it works

Types of scores

Individual scores affect shared scores and vice-versa.

Individual scores: Homeowners and home renters have the ability to join the program for individual rubbish reports.

Individual scores are also built through the use of the recycle score card, an option also available for users living in shared homes and residential buildings.

Shared scores: Residential buildings have a shared score, which increases as more tenants join the program.

Where active, HOAs are encouraged to push the program, increasing their neighborhood score.

Recycle bags/bins

Knowing what can and cannot be recycled is a tricky business, and it gets even trickier when users are forced to separate different materials.

Instead of increasing the time and complexity of the process for users, there are only two bins available: recyclable and non-recyclable.

When in doubt about products and materials, users can access a website and either locate the object they want or submit an inquiry, which will become part of an ever increasing database of recycling information.

Weighed pick up

At pick up, the bins and bags are weighed and the data is added to the individual and/or shared rubbish report.

Bins can be scanned to properly provide location information and connect to the proper score.


Users can opt to have a credit card or a digital membership card that can be scanned at checkout for discounts and increasing their scores.


Recycle scores can be checked online.