Resistant to Cats

How can we present a non-breakable TV?

Create a campaign for LG’s non-breakable 1mm OLED display.

At the time of this project, much was being said about children being injured by furniture falling over them. As thin as TVs have become, even a 2.5mm screen can weigh 70lbs, enough to cause serious injuries.

Talking about children, however, is a very sensitive matter. Instead, we looked at other small creatures.

Cats are jerks, but we love them. We also love our TVs, specially the expensive ones.

Cat owners who are well aware that the idea that cats will walk around their precious objects without knocking them over is a big fat lie.

In the US, about 30% of homes have cats, and 93% have TVs. (2016)

Jaci Coningham – AD | Fernanda Da Silva – AD
Miami Ad School

The product

Also known as a wallpaper TV, the LG OLED display is 1mm thick (not including the mount), magnetically placed on the wall, lightweight and non-breakable.

(At the time of the brief we were dealing with a prototype, then it became available for a pretty penny, then it got discontinued. Sigh…)

Thin as a dime, resistant to cats.


Partner with Simon’s Cat for a special episode featuring the replacement of a broken TV for a cat-safe, cat-resistant, cat-friendly display. This special episode is aired on YouTube and TV.

With 4.4M subscribers, this channel embodies all the pleasures, annoyances and discoveries that only come by owning a cat.

Simon’s Cat becomes the voice of the campaign.